Glogirly的历史,Katie,& Waffles 和 The Pet 博客 Challenge

Recently we were invited to participate in The Pet 博客 s Journey. Each year since its inception, pet bloggers have come together to post about where they've been 和 where they're going. It's a wonderful opportunity to reflect on what our blog means to us, where we hope to bring it, 和 celebrate a little history.

Each blogger answers a brief series of questions. We think it's both interesting 和 inspiring for our friends, readers, 和 其他 bloggers. We really hope you do too!

But first, 和 as we are entering our eleventh year of 华丽地 , we'd like to share a quick history of how the fun began.

他们说领养宠物会影响两个生命。动物的生命 和 采用者的生活。

But we believe it can mean so much more 和 reach farther than your wildest dreams could ever take you.

Gloman adopted Katie in September of 2005 as an anniversary gift for Glogirly. It had been many years since Glogirly had a cat 和 to say it was love at first sight 轻描淡写。

这是凯蒂十年前在Glogirly撰写第一篇博客文章时听到的声音。凯蒂(Katie)是这一切背后的灵感。如果格洛曼(Gloman)没带一小束黑色回家&那些年前的白色皮毛……好吧,我们简直无法想象。我们还没有遇到你们所有人,我们亲爱的朋友和读者。我们还没有遇到来自世界各个角落的数百位出色的宠物博客作者。我们将无法捐赠数千美元的奖品,用品 and 现金来帮助无杀害猫收容所。甚至Glogirly的设计业务都从博客开始。


我们的最爱 mischief-maker 也来自我们的博客。

"Waffles" began as a character on the blog. A made-up sidekick for Katie. He was just a cute stock photo Glogirly started Photoshopping into graphics for the blog. She made up his goofy personality, his innocent 和 curious voice, 和 in a very short time found herself in love. 

On a late Saturday night in November of 2012, she opened up her laptop 和 went to Petfinder.com. She entered our zip code, clicked search, 和 there he was. The cutest orange kitten she could imagine. She drove to the Humane Society in Buffalo, MN the 下一页 morning 和 brought him home. She never imagined 那 his personality would be EXACTLY how she'd written him. 

Our family just wouldn't be complete without Katie, Waffles 和 all of our beautiful friends 和 readers. Thank you for sharing your time with us. 

我们发布了第一篇博客文章,标题为 很高兴见到你, on June 16, 2009. At the time, we were a one-cat blog 和 household. The blog was completely voiced by Katie the elegant tuxedo kitty with a dry 和 sarcastic wit. Our focus has always been entertainment 和 humor. When Waffles the goofy, orange tabby joined the family in 2012, the blog morphed into daily conversations between the two 和 has kept 那 format ever since.


Which of your 2019 blog posts was your favorite 和 why? 
We love sharing mountain life with our friends 和 readers, 和 we've found 那 these posts are some of our most popular as well. Probably the most popular topic is our driveway, or more specifically, the driveway drama we've witnessed again 和 again 和 again. Here's just one of our driveway drama posts - 炸弹旋风

What was the biggest blogging challenge you faced in 2019, 和 how did you tackle it?
Probably the most difficult day we faced in 2019, was a day 那 started off as a routine vet visit. We just about lost Katie 那 day 和 Glogirly really struggled with how to tell the story of what happened. Our posts are almost always "of the moment," sharing the day's events. That's where we so often find the smiles 和 giggles. But not this day. The post was titled, 我们心碎的一天. The outpouring of love 和 support from our friends 和 readers was overwhelming 和 touched our hearts so very deeply.

We're less concerned with the amount of traffic than we are the quality of traffic. We like to think of our visitors as family. We're honored 和 humbled to be so warmly welcomed into our readers' hearts 和 inboxes. 

We used to do a lot of sponsored blog posts 和 reviews. As we've moved to a more abbreviated blogging schedule though, we really prefer now to just focus on fun 和 conversations between Katie 和 Waffles. That's not to say we'll never have another giveaway or product feature again, but it would have to be something very, very special. 

Our goal is the same today as it has always been. If we can make a difference in the life of just one person, bring them a smile during a difficult time, start their Monday off with a giggle, touch their heart in some way, we've accomplished the most amazing of things. That's what it's all about 和 what really matters.

No matter what each day brings, we look for the silver lining. That's where we find the things 那 make us giggle 和 smile. That's what fuels the fun in our blog posts 和 the conversations between Katie 和 Waffles. 

The blogging landscape is constantly changing. What changes in blogging do you see coming in 2020年和 beyond? What plans do you have to evolve?
The biggest change we've made in 2020年has been moving from posting MWF each week to one day a week,山猫星期一. We've made a few fun design changes as a nod to our focus on mountain living through the eyes of two funny cats as well. We're looking forward to sharing more 和 more unique stories of what it's like living at 8,000'...and of course, what a couple of funny cats have to say about it.

We'd like to thank our friend 和 blogging colleague, Colby Molita, from 训练中的小狗, for hosting the 2020年Pet 博客 s Journey 和 inviting us to come along for the ride. If you'd like to explore 其他 pet bloggers 和 their own personal journeys, just take a peek at some of their stories below.



威化饼: 嘿,老板!外面是谁他看上去不像我们任何毛茸茸的邻居。

凯蒂:  那只是Roy the Gas Man。

威化饼: 大声笑!!!!!你说气人! 

凯蒂:  煤气,例如使我们房屋保暖的材料,华夫饼。不  那  一种气体。 

威化饼: 是的,但是看来他的卡车必须去,去。 

凯蒂:  Yeah well, you weren't laughing 3 years ago when we moved in 和 found out we had NO gas. 

从 城市猫女到山猫妈妈
Can you believe it's been almost three years since Katie 和 Waffles became Colorado mountain cats?! It was a fast 和 steep learning curve for Glogirly too!


All our lives, we've lived in homes with furnaces. Where you just turn the thermostat up or down, pay the natural gas bill once a month, 和 go on about your business. But our mountain house has NO FURNACE.

威化饼: 等等,什么?

In fact, we don't even have vents. We have something called radiant floor heating throughout the house. We have a boiler 那 heats up water running through a network of tubes 那 run underneath the floor. The boiler is powered by propane gas, which comes to our house from a giant tank buried in the ground outside by our driveway. Yup, the driveway 那 has claimed more vehicles 和 tow trucks than we can count.

And three years ago, when we ran out of propane, the driveway was glare ice. Roy 和 Glogirly became fast friends when he chained up his big truck 和 made it down the hill to rescue us.

Turns out Roy is a cat man. Every time he comes to fill up our tank he asks about Katie 和 Waffles. We love Roy.


Waffles, Katie, 和 the PINK Jeep

威化饼: 老板,你好吗?自从我们上一篇博客文章以来,整整整整一年。 

凯蒂:  华夫饼才才一个星期。记得?我们现在只在星期一发布。山猫星期一。

威化饼: 但是,华夫饼星期三呢?那就像整个星期中最好的一天。  

凯蒂:  华夫饼是星期三,只有星期三。

威化饼: 就在星期三?

凯蒂:  就在星期三。

威化饼: 今天可以是华夫饼干星期三吗? 那完全对我有用。

凯蒂:  It's Monday, Waffles. 山猫星期一. Which means it's not all about you. It's about us 和 mountain cat stuff. You're just going to have to share the blog with me.

威化饼: 分享?你的意思是像 每一个 周份额?

凯蒂:  每周。

威化饼: 关于什么 下一页 周?

We hope you're not having as hard of a time getting used to our new blogging schedule as Waffles. Glogirly decided we needed a mini-mountain-makeover here on the blog so she got busy with her design program 和 created a brand new header for us.


And in case you're wondering, 那 snowy photo in behind the pink Jeep actually IS our driveway. And the scene of many stuck 和 stranded delivery vehicles.

新年刚过,我们宣布将博客发布时间从每周三次更改为一个“山猫星期一”。 (还有特殊的假期!)

If you haven't already subscribed to our blog 和 don't want to miss a single meowy convo between Katie 和 Waffles, please feel free to sign up below. We don't share emails, never spam, 和 you'll only hear from us when we publish a new blog post. 



威化饼: 嘿,老板!圣诞老人鲍勃(Santa Bob)亲吻我!我认为他的味道有点像鸡肉。你也应该完全吻他。

凯蒂:  是的,这违反了我的无礼规则,华夫饼。还有大约一百万条其他规则。 

威化饼: 精细。我们只是要谈论山民的东西。 

凯蒂:  山人的东西???

威化饼: You know...flannel shirts, four-wheeling, 和 girls 和 stuff.

凯蒂:  我预计您的未来会穿上水牛格子衬衫。 

The day after Christmas, we had a super fun surprise visit from our dear friends 和 neighbors, Bob 和 Jodie. They delivered some homemade treats for 每一个 one to enjoy. And they delivered them in STYLE!

You may remember Bob from our mountain escapades we've shared in past blog posts. 从 four-wheeling to light fixture installation to snowy driveway rescues, 和 even cat sitting, Bob is the kind of guy who is always here for us when we need a hand or paw. He 和 Jodie are just a couple of reasons we love living here.

最佳:  Santa Bob 和 Elf Jodie
左下第二:  Bob, Jodie, & Francis the Mule
第二下右:  Waffles 和 Santa Bob share a moment.
第三倒:  Francis the Mule 和 his bell.
底部:  祝大家圣诞快乐!
Special thanks to Gloman for his awesome photos of Santa Bob, Elf Jodie, 和 Waffles!

Last week we announced we'll be changing our blogging schedule from three times a week to just one. Now, now...there'll be no crying into your egg nog. We'll be here 每一个 single Monday to get your week off to a fun 和 furry start. We'll also be here on special holidays too!

If you haven't already subscribed to our blog 和 don't want to miss a single meow, please feel free to sign up below. We don't share emails, never spam, 和 you'll only hear from us when we publish a new blog post.




威化饼: 老板,你有一些不错的举动。我给你看一些我的呢?

凯蒂:  我看过你的举动,华夫饼。你带他们去那里怎么样 其他 舞池的一面?

威化饼: 噢,来吧,老板...这是一个全新的一年!那一定会很好玩!

凯蒂:  Your idea of fun 和 my idea of fun are typically two entirely different ideas of fun.

威化饼: 老板,听起来确实很有趣!!!

It's hard to believe another year has whipped by! Time sure flies when you're having fun. Thank you so very much for continuing to join us on this great ride. You are all like family to us 和 bring us so much joy.

2020年marks our 11th year of blogging. (!) Can you believe it??? We're going to start posting just one day a week so 那 Glogirly can spend a little more time doing some of the things she loves like photography, design work, visiting friends 和 family, 和 of course, playing with Katie 和 Waffles.

Now don't go crying into your coffee mugs...we'll still be sharing our fun photos, conversations, 和 mountain cat adventures. Think of it as山猫星期一.