Friday, June 30, 2017

Deep Thoughts Interrupted

KATIE: Another beautiful day in paradise. The sun is shining, the birds are singing and I've got this whole window to myself. Just me and my deep cat thoughts. 

So peaceful. Serene. Not an orange cat to be–

WAFFLES: Hey Boss, that's a nice spot you've got in the window. What are you looking at? Can I look too? Are you looking at the birds? Our chipmunk? Hey Boss, can't you hear me? Boss??


KATIE: And in as much time as it takes Waffles to meow, "Hey Boss," my deep cat thoughts turn to deep cat plots. Plotting ways to lock a certain orange cat in the bathroom, that is.

About Today's Photos
Gloman has been home in Colorado visiting this week. And where Gloman 旅行,他的摄影器材也旅行。一大早,他使凯蒂(Katie)陷入沉思,享受着山脉的美景。 当然,华夫饼永远不会消失。如果格洛曼(Gloman)注意凯蒂(Katie),尤其是使用相机,那么华夫饼(Waffles)希望参与其中。

We're all looking forward to a relaxing weekend with a few scheduled and unscheduled catnaps.

We hope your weekend plans include a nap or two!

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Cuppa Waffles

Today's post is from our #WafflesWednesday Greatest Hits Collection. While Glogirlyand Glomanare busy galavanting around Rocky Mountain National Park, and Katie and Waffles are watching the clock in anticipation of meal time, we're sharing some of our past fan favorites. 

WAFFLES: Hey Boss! It's Wednesday morning. Have you had your cuppa George yet?

KATIE: George??? Don't you mean Joe?

WAFFLES: Joe? Who's Joe?

KATIE: Cuppa Joe? You know, coffee?

WAFFLES: Cats don't drink coffee, Boss. Even YOU know that.

KATIE: Of course I know that. You're the one that brought up Cuppa George. Which, by the way, makes no sense at all. I'm just trying to explain that it's Cuppa Joe, not George.


KATIE: Waffles.

WAFFLES: Maybe you should just switch to decaf.

KATIE: Maybe should switch to decaf???

...15 minutes later

About Today's Photos 
(...or rather, that last photo)
Sometimes the camera freezes an expression you just can't see with the naked eye. The beginning of a yawn or meow can turn a seemingly ordinary cat into ... well, into what you see in that last photo.

Of course in the case of Waffles, this kind of expression is far more common than you might think. He's definitely a cat that can go from lazy to maniac in less than 60 seconds.

Cuppa Waffles
In case you're wondering what that cool 'cup' is that Waffles is lounging in, it's his sporty Sleepypod convertible. (a.k.a. his Sleepypod with the top down.)

Monday, June 26, 2017

Monday, Monday - So Good to Be Waffles

Ear Worm Alert: Waffles and Katie are channeling The Mamas&The Papas today. We are not responsible for any uncontrollable humming or singing that may occur as a result of reading our post. 
WAFFLES: Hey Boss! Don't you just love Mondays?

KATIE: Do I really have to answer that?

WAFFLES: The sun is shining, the leaves are twirling on the patio ...

KATIE: Great. You're going to sing, aren't you? How about we just skip to Tuesday?

WAFFLES: MONDAY, MONDAY! ♫ la-la, la-la-la-la♩♫♩Soooo good to be me! 

KATIE: Waffles, the song goes " good to ME." Not good to BE me. "BE me"  is a little... well, self-absorbed. 

WAFFLES: That's what I said! SO good to be me!!! ♫♩

KATIE: Monday, Monday. What have you done to me? ♫♩

About Today's Post
Today's post is a fan favorite from Waffles' 2016 Greatest Hits. While we're entertaining house guests during Gloman's visit to Colorado we thought you might enjoy one of Waffles' ear worms.

We haven't had a chance to download our latest photos yet what with Glogirlyprepping for guests, cooking dinners and baking pies. Yes, pies. Plural. Cherry and strawberry rhubarb to be exact.

Friday, June 23, 2017

The Glow Behind GLOGIRLY


Glogirly& Katie, 2013
Not long ago on Facebook, we were asked about how the name of our blog came to be. Some of our blogging friends name their blogs after a cat, a dog, a place or a funny phrase. The stories behind the names are fascinating. It was such a fun discussion we wanted to share our story with you. Now some of you who've known us for awhile have probably heard this story, so we made sure to throw in some VERY handsome photos of Waffles and Glomanfor you. And of course, some classic Katie too.

Once upon a time...

So it only made sense that when the boy asked the girl to marry him, she would become Glogirl by default.

Fast forward seven years when Glogirl found herself in the midst of a daunting career change. Never having blogged before, in fact never having followed 她决定写博客,她职业生涯的下一章可能涉及社交媒体,所以开博客也许是明智的。她认为,成为一名更好的作家,摄影师和设计师,将是一个不错的数字游乐场。

Glogirly& Katie Kitten, 2005
So the girl went domain shopping. But to her shock, was taken. What??? How could there possibly be another Glogirl? Suddenly she had to reconsider her whole identity.

Since her BFF calls her Girly, she added a Y onto her nickname. She purchased and GLOGIRLY, as you know her, 出生于。说实话,她真的更喜欢Glogirly ...它绝对适合她的个性,并将她对Gloman的爱与对女孩的爱相结合。即使她已经80岁,她说她仍然会是一个女孩。盲目乐观或顽固否定……我们会让您决定。

That Defining Moment
因此,这个女孩为博客起了个名字,但她不知道从哪里开始或该写些什么。当她坐在凝视着黑屏时,格洛曼 暗示着一时改变了我们的生活。他说:“您为什么不让Katie介绍该博客?” 

And so she did. 

And so it stuck.

Falling in Love

The Orange Invasion
When the orange fur storm known as Waffles blew into the Townhouse a few years later, a whole new voice was born. A silly, innocent and full-of-life counterpoint to Katie's no-nonsense style of articulate sarcasm. 


Gloman& Waffles, 2015
Somewhere along the way, Glogirlyadded a tagline to our blog name. 'Tails of Two Funny Cats&Their Girl.' Mostly as something to help first time visitors know what we're all about. Experts have suggested we add 'Cats' to our URL. And one of these days when you come visit, you may see that little change in our web address. But not until we catch up on all our catnaps and playtime. Priorities, you know. 

Gloman& Waffles, 2015

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Digging Up Some Dirt #WafflesWednesday

WAFFLES: Hey Boss, why is Glogirlyplaying in her litterbox? 

KATIE: Waffles, that's not a litter box. She's working on landscaping the front of the house. 

WAFFLES: I don't know, Boss. That's a LOT of dirt. And she's digging around in it like she has to go or something. 

KATIE:Seriously, Waffles. I sincerely doubt Glogirlyis going to use her new flower bed as a, well... you know.

WAFFLES: She's squatting, Boss! She's squatting! 

KATIE: Pretty sure she's planting, Waffles. 

WAFFLES: Now she's covering up something!

WAFFLES: This landscaping stuff looks pretty suspicious if you ask me.

KATIE: Well, it's a good thing I didn't ask you.

Digging Up Some Dirt
既然夏天的天气已经到了,Glogirly显然捕获了一个美化环境的虫子。当我们搬进新的山房时,就遏制吸引力而言,前面有些缺乏。好的,所以这里没有路边。但是还有很大的改进空间。 Glogirly提出了一些想法,然后向当地植物和高海拔园艺专家咨询。输入她的新朋友汤姆(Tom),他来自科罗拉多州戈尔登(Golden,CO)的原住民苗圃。汤姆(Tom)介入以帮助Glogirly选择美丽多彩的栽种植物,这些植物将在8,300'处壮成长。他甚至在峡谷之路上旅行,运送一切并帮助植物定位。全部85个。 (!)

And he loves cats. So we love Tom.


Now she's got cool sounding plants with names like Little Trudy Catmint, First Love Dianthus and Little Devil Ninebark. Don't worry, it doesn't really bark.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Cat Daddy Time

WAFFLES: Us men have to stick together. 

You know, to do man stuff like online shopping for, well... man stuff.

KATIE: Yeah well don't blow your allowance all one website, Waffles.

WAFFLES: Allowance? You get an allowance, Boss?

KATIE: What do you think, Gloman? Should I tell him I get an allowance or not?

WAFFLES: Gloman? Does the Boss really get an allowance? Because I could really use an allowance too. I could– Wait. What's an allowance?

KATIE: What's that? The less he knows the better? 

WAFFLES: What about my nose?

Happy Cat Daddy's Day
今天的照片来自去年的父亲节,因为我们的Gloman 昨天在明尼阿波利斯市有900英里远。但是到了周五,我们最喜欢的猫爸爸将飞往科罗拉多州,进行7月4日的访问。我们都会做我们快乐的舞蹈。

Waffles will be curling up on his lap every time he sits down for more than 60 seconds and Katie will be tipping over on her side for a tummy scratch a dozen times a day.

For all of you lucky cats with Cat Daddies in your life, we hope you enjoyed a wonderful Father's Day. And to all those Cat Daddies out there - thank you so much for sharing your hearts and homes with your furry family members.

Friday, June 16, 2017

My Visit to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary



Kindness for all living things. It's what brought a group of 31 idealistic people with a dream together a little over three decades ago. It's what created the world's largest no-kill animal rescue organization in the world. It's 3,700 majestic acres of the Utah landscape Best Friends has appropriately named Angel Canyon. It's what connects a family of over 1,500 Best Friends Network Partner organizations across the country. And it's about a common goal. Save Them All.

There are just so many words to describe my experience visiting the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary 第一次在犹他州卡纳布。太多了,我发现自己几乎无语了。您如何形容如此美丽,如此鼓舞人心,如此动人的事物,使您在心中感觉到它?您如何描述由于某种原因而无法解释的东西,却使您流泪但又使您充满喜悦?

If I had to choose just one word, it would be Kindness.

The Best Friends Experience: Part One

It Gets Inside You
我不敢相信,仅仅一周前,我才从拜访“最好的朋友”中返回家园。尽管我热爱旅行,但旅途中最好的部分通常是回家。请不要告诉凯蒂&华夫饼,但是这次旅行非常不同。我不想结束。我结交的新朋友之一巴布(Barb)有很多人称其为“最佳朋友”(Best Friends)工作的理想工作,并且与天使峡谷(Angel Canyon)仅有几步之遥,告诉我珊瑚砂渗入您的血管。那些拜访“最好的朋友”的人发现它在您体内变得微不足道。它留在你身边,吸引你。我相信她而且我知道我会回来的。

Horses and Rabbits and Cats, Oh My!

Best Friends appreciates and celebrates the individuality and potential of every single animal. Their ultimate goal is to prepare each animal to be successfully adopted into a loving home. And to stay in that loving home, forever.

Learning How to Be
Some animals need to learn how to just 'be'... and Best Friends totally gets that. A dog that has been abused, or known nothing but fear, may not even know how to be a dog. An orphan foal without a mother to show him the way, needs a mentor horse to teach him how to be a horse. Allowing each animal to learn, at their own pace, that humans are not to be feared but rather are safe, fun and loving is at the core of their mission.

This is one of the things that inspired and impressed me the most. It's not just about saving a life, it's about preparing an animal for a lifetime of happiness and love in a real home. It's about doing what's right for that animal.

Named for a Prince
Just minutes after we arrived at Best Friends we were witness to something truly remarkable. This little orphan foal was taking his first steps outside in the sunshine. He was surrendered to Best Friends after his mother had rejected him. He needed to be bottle fed and had not been in the presence of another horse. The only humans he'd seen were his care givers. Born on the day the world lost Prince the musician, it was clear what this miracle foal's name would be.

What a sight to see. He was introduced to Feather, an adult mini horse, so he could begin to learn how to be a horse. Feather flipped onto her back and rolled around in the dirt. Moments later, Prince copied her and did the same thing. As he gained more and more control of his gangly legs he began to run around the corral. It was pure joy and a rare moment I'm grateful to have been a part of.

A Potbelly Paradise 
Just down the path from Horse Haven sits Marshall's Piggy Paradise and a sweet spot for some handsome and inquisitive goats.

猪们很搞笑,很有个性。当我们摩擦他们的臀部时,它们像猫一样发出呼pur的声音,上面的大调情的Roxy可以说很多。可悲的是,许多人在不知不觉中从不诚实的繁殖者那里收养了这些可爱的猪,误导了他们以为它们永远不会比小狗大得多。 400、500甚至700磅以后,它们将被废弃或投降。最好的朋友们很难为这些令人愉悦的动物找到永久的新家,尽管面临挑战,但他们的确得到了接纳。同时,他们过着泥浴,健康食品,运动和充满爱心的快乐猪生活。

While most of the goats were more interested in soaking up the sunshine, there was the cutest of 'kids' that thought he'd make a great tour guide and followed our every step. The beautiful and natural environments the animals live in provide them the highest quality of life possible. Clean, spacious with plenty of enrichment and loving care that lets them be the animals nature intended them to be.

The Loudest Bird in the World
Best Friends' Parrot Garden is home to some of the most exotic and vocal  世界上的鸟类。我不知道凤头鹦鹉是世界上最响亮的鸟!根据我与照片中这个充满活力的家伙的会面,我必须同意!我以前从未与这些令人难以置信的聪明鸟亲密接触过,并且非常着迷。我遇到了一只鹦鹉,其中有370个单词的词汇,它们可以像人类一样大笑。我遇到了一对彼此依恋,彼此依赖的纽带对,他们永远无法分开。他们聪明,充满个性,绝对美丽。

But they are also in peril. Many can live up to 100 years of age! That means many of them have been through a number of homes over the course of their lives. They need a lot of attention and mental stimulation. Many come to Best Friends with special needs and Parrot Garden provides a beautiful light-filled tropical environment with plenty of social stimulation, healthy food and veterinary care to help them rest, heal and thrive.

Welcome to Puppy Preschool 
It's impossible to have a litter of puppies crawling all over you and not giggle yourself silly. One of the most fun three hours of the trip was Puppy School. This adorable litter of puppies had never experienced any people outside of their care givers before. We were their first! Our job was to simply have fun, socialize with them, let them explore our cameras and us... all in order to teach them than humans (and humans with big cameras) are safe and fun.

It's all a part of Best Friends goal of preparing each puppy for the most successful, happy and healthy life possible with their new forever family.


Care Giving& Compassion
从Horse Haven到Dog Town,从Parrot Garden到Bunny House,护理人员对动物的爱与同情表明它们永无止境。他们知道每个人的名字。他们知道是什么使它滴答作响。他们说他们的语言。没有比兔子更清楚的了。照顾他们的可爱的年轻女子了解他们的独特需求,并对困境感到热情。有些人为了自己而被遗弃,这对于家养的兔子是不可能的。其他人则是过度繁殖或ho积的受害者。它们是如此可爱,许多人认为它们是孩子的理想宠物,但事实并非如此。

Did you know that a bunny can get pregnant at only two weeks of age? And when they give birth, it's often to as many as 15 bunnies at a time. Repeat, repeat, repeat. It's an overpopulation epidemic.

Bunny House was peaceful, calm and quiet. For the most part the bunnies make no noise at all. They're some of the most gentlest creatures on earth and the same could be said for their care givers.

Next Up... 
Part 2 - CAT WORLD
Please join us for an inside look at the beautiful cats of Best Friends and what it's like for them as they prepare and wait for forever homes:  CATS of Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.
Part 3 - Where Angels Rest
Easily the most moving part of my experience was a visit to Angels Rest, the final resting place for those Best Friends who now fly with the angels: Where Angels Rest

See the Entire Gallery of Photos
There's SO much more to see! I'd like to invite you to view my entire gallery of Best Friends photos.
Here's how:
  1. Visit Glogirlyon SmugMug
  2. Select Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
  3. Enter password: SaveThemAll
The best way to view them is to click on Slideshow. Enjoy!

A Destination Vacation With Purpose
Many people and families visit the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary as a vacation. I had the pleasure of meeting a number of people volunteering while I was there that did just that. It's an inspiring and meaningful way to experience the sanctuary, help the animals and enjoy the gorgeous landscape. For more information on how to turn your bucket list wish into reality, visit HERE.

Special thanks to Melissa, Hannah, Barb and the entire Best Friends family for hosting my trip to the sanctuary. You've each touched my heart and have inspired me by the kindness you show each other and the animals in your care.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Serving Up Handsome #WafflesWednesday

WAFFLES: It's about time we have a true #WafflesWednesday around here. The ladies need a full serving of handsome. 

WAFFLES:And the Boss says I'm full of handsome. 

Or...full of something. 

Pretty sure it's handsome though.

Definitely handsome.

About Today's Photos
Glogirlyis a sucker for Waffles and his endless expressions. He's a cat who loves life with every whisker, every nose freckle, every furry inch of his being. And when she's able to capture that in a photo, she can't stop smiling.

Waffles, we love you.

And though she seldom admits it, Katie has fond-ish feelings for you too.

When you're not hovering over her shoulder, eyeing her dinner or sleeping in her pod.

Monday, June 12, 2017

In the Kitchen With Waffles& Katie

WAFFLES: Mmmmm, chicken.

KATIE: With a cilantro and lime marinade, Waffles. Pretty sure you take your chicken sans marinade.

WAFFLES: Mary who? What's she got to do with my chicken? I never said she could have any–

KATIE: Marinade, Waffles. Glogirly's trying a new recipe she found online for her dinner tonight. The marinade is what she's soaking the chicken in. 

WAFFLES: Well I hope it doesn't drown. I don't think chicken can swim you know. 

KATIE:And I think you better get off the kitchen counter pronto, Waffles. Before Glogirlyturns around and sees you hiding behind her computer.

WAFFLES: So what else is in the recipe? Gravy??? I like gravy.

KATIE: A strawberry tomato salsa, Waffles. With jalapenos, lime and cilantro.

WAFFLES: Aaaack! What's with all the lime and cilantro stuff??? I liked it better when Glogirlygot her chicken from the colonel.

About Today's Photos

Tonight's dinner really had Waffles' attention. As soon as she opened the chicken, he was right there on his kitchen stool. But after the chicken had a chance to marinade for a half hour, he wasn't so sure about it anymore. 


The salsa was equally easy with chopped strawberries, campari tomatos, jalapeno, lime and cilantro. 

The Verdict?
Glogirly 以为鸡肉很好吃。有点柑橘味。需要一些盐和新鲜的胡椒粉。草莓莎莎酱非常好吃。玉米饼甚至很好吃。鸡肉和莎莎酱的混合物需要一点东西,所以她在上面扔了一些芝士碎面包, that was the ticket. Well, that was her ticket.

Katie and Waffles were just happy they didn't have to wait for Glogirly's recipe experimentation to conclude before they got their dinner. 

P.S. About That Kitchen Towel
As a matter of fact, yes...that is Katie's likeness on the kitchen towel in the salsa photo! A dear friend made it for Glogirlyas a gift using one of Katie's pictures. There's one with Waffles on it too.